I am a master student at ETH Zurich, working for a master's degree in Computational Science and Engineering in the Department of Mathematics.

Previously, I graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen (HITSZ) with a bachelor's degree in Automation, advised by Prof. Haoyao CHEN, Prof. Yunjiang LOU, Prof. Xiaogang XIONG and Prof. Hao XIONG. Moreover, I spent a wonderful time working at AIRS in 2023, advised by Dr. Yuan GAO and Prof. Tin Lun LAM.

Besides, I am pleasure to be a remote intern at PaddlePaddle, Baidu Inc. about Deep Learning from 2020 to 2023.

Research Interets: Medical Robotics, Probabilistic Robotics and Reinforcement Learning


Arts. I have learned Saxophone since 2013, and learned Painting since 2010. I love them and enjoy it.

Goals. Devote the remainder of my life to enable those with paralysis to live as fully as anyone else.

Friends (Ordered by Alphabets) Di CHANG  |  Fanpeng MENG  |  Junhua LIU  |  Junlin HAN  |  Liheng TAN  |  Tianyi BAI  |  Wenjie QU  |  Yanjie ZE

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